4 ways to set up datasources in Jboss AS 7


Last year my company decided to move from JBoss 4.x/5.x to Jboss AS 7. We use Maven and IZPack plugin to create automated deployment to Jboss 4. As a part of IZPack plugin, we would write the install.xmls for various environment, which would help us deploy war files, log.xml, jars, properties file in respective folders. […]

Restful Webservice in 7 Steps using Spring boot


Last week I was working on a new application which required me to build a web service to access it’s functionality. I decided to check out Spring 4 RestController. I was amazed at how far we have come from writing all the boiler template code, xmls etc for making a restful call. With Spring4 boot, […]

A quick tutorial on SAAJ API


We ran into an issue last week. I had to call a third party web service that was built in PHP. Anyone who wokrs with Java will tell you that calling a web service is not more 15 minutes coding. You take the wsdl, run wsdl2Java command from Axis2 and start calling the service. Like […]