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Install Or Manage multiple versions of Java on OS X


A few weeks ago my Mac hard drive crashed and I had to get a new grad drive. As part of upgrade, I had to wipe my drive clean and install Yosemite. What I did not realize was that Apple had goofed up Java instlation on Mac, as result of which my IntelliJ idea compalained […]

Restful Webservice in 7 Steps using Spring boot


Last week I was working on a new application which required me to build a web service to access it’s functionality. I decided to check out Spring 4 RestController. I was amazed at how far we have come from writing all the boiler template code, xmls etc for making a restful call. With Spring4 boot, […]

A quick tutorial on SAAJ API


We ran into an issue last week. I had to call a third party web service that was built in PHP. Anyone who wokrs with Java will tell you that calling a web service is not more 15 minutes coding. You take the wsdl, run wsdl2Java command from Axis2 and start calling the service. Like […]

Read / Write Excel file in Java using Apache POI


About a year or two ago I was working with finance team where they wanted to pull the credit card transactions for all the customer using various combinations. Ex – – Get the credit card txns for today or certain date. – Get the txns for customer who used Mastercard or Visa. However they wanted […]

13 Most Common Java Keytool Keystore Commands


I was working on a project last month where I had to call a third-party web service. The third-party web service wanted me to add a SSL keystore and I struggled. I could have gone to my UNIX Admin and asked him to do this job but decided to learn about all about keystores. I […]

10 IntelliJ IDEA Keyboard Shortcuts That You Must Know


Linux nerds/geeks happily flaunt their keyboard skills when they get a chance. I admit that I am not a shortcut junky but I too have some keyboard shortcuts under my sleeve that I use in day to day work. I have to say that not only have these shortcuts increased my productivity but they have […]

Apache Camel : How to call java webservice


I have made up my mind to get rid of WSO2 ESB at my office. It is clumsy, buggy, hard to test, no body wants to work on it and the documentation is horrible. I looked at various alternative and Apache Camel was free and easy to set up and work with me. To cut […]

Launch Website in Amazon EC2


I wrote this blog about a year ago and left it in the draft because this post somehow was not getting auto saved on WordPress and since its long post it took time for me type, take screenshots and paste. I did not have energy and time to do it all over again. I had […]

How to configure JNDI with Spring and Jboss4/5


This is a simple process but if you try and search on the web you will come across various incomplete solutions which will leave you more confused than you already were. This configuration involves just four simple steps that I will walk through to help you set up JNDI on Jboss. I am using Jboss […]

Rails: Jquery is not loading


It’s been a while I have posted anything. I have been extremly busy and have been working on an extremely critical project where we were asked to become PCI 2.0 compliant. I worked on some interesting problems however today I will be discussing on something trivial and discuss my frustration about Rails. I have to […]

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