It’s possible that many of you already knew this but if not then here’ some basic info on Maven profiles. I have been using maven for over 2 and half years now, and have been copy pasting assembly and install files. I never bothered to know how Maven figures out how to read assembly and install file names. For example-


For all my projects I have been using assembly-jboss.xml to put the file/directory information and telling maven about my desired directory structure i.e. Pick files from a/b directory and put it in out directory c/d. The second file install-jboss.xml where I specify my panels, target files etc. It never occurred to me what happens if I change the file names to assembly-zzz.xml and intsall-zzz.xml.

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Well to cut the story short I checked out a fellow developer code on my machine and the command “mvn clean install” threw build error which said –

[1] [INFO] Searching for file location: C:Dineshworkspaceprov-ld-anin-trunkartifactssrcassemblyassembly-jboss4.xml

[2] [INFO] File: C:Dineshworkspaceprov-ld-anin-trunkartifactssrcassemblyassembly-jboss4.xml does not exist.

[3] [INFO] File: C:Dineshworkspaceprov-ld-anin-trunksrcassemblyassembly-jboss4.xml does not exist.


Now I was using IZPack plugin and always thought the assembly and install xmls are part of IZPack configuration, so for half an hour I was searching “IZPack assembly descriptor”. Needless to say I did not get any releveant search result. After scratching my head a little and doing a text search in Eclipse to figure out how am I telling maven to find the specific files (in my case the fellow developer had named them as assembly-wso2carbon40.xml and install-wso2carbon40.xml). No results.


In Maven you set up a profile in your .m2/settings.xml. For example my settings.xml looks like this





If you will notice I have specified that jboss4 tag has value jboss4. When maven is building your app, it looks for two files assemby-xxx.xml and install-xxx.xml. Here xxxin assembly-xxx.xml is the profile name. So in my case it looks in the settings.xml and sees that profile is jboss, so it uses to find a file assembly-jboss.xml and install-jboss4.xml.

So now the problem was that my developer friend had named the files as assembly-wso2Carbon40.xml and install-wso2Carbon40.xml. The first thing that came to my mind was let’s change the jboss4to ****wso2, that would resolve my issue. However I had other application where the file was named assembly-jboss.xml and install-jboss4.xml, which meant that my other application will error out on maven clean install and throw error message could not locate assembly file assembly-wso2Carbon40.xml .

Here’s comes the neat part, you can have multiple profiles in your settings file. So I updated my .m2/settings.xml

                C:Program Filesjboss-eap-4.3






Now when you build the project using Eclipse, just got to Run As ==> Maven Build …  and enter Goals = clean install and Profile = wso2

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That’s it!